School of Health Studies

Social Auxiliary Worker

Social Auxiliary Worker

Admission requirements

G12 Statement / certificate or its equivalence

Career opportunities

Nursing Homes
Research labs


Awarded on successful completion of this program



SAQA ID: 98890

NQF: Level 5

Credits: 130

Duration: 1 Year


Knowledge Modules

  • Social Auxiliary Worker and Social Welfare services in the South African context.
  • Social Worker, Methods and Principles, Level 5, 9 Credits
  • Communication and Life Skills in Social Auxiliary Worker Level 5, 13 Credits

Practical Skill Modules

  • Render basic counseling and support. Support the counseling process, Level 5 with 7 Credits
  • Support the process to intervene with individuals and families. Level 5 with 4 Credits
  • Facilitate educational, life skills and support group programs, Level 5 with 7 credits
  • Assist in the implementation of community development processes, Level 5 with 8 Credits.
  • Assist with obtaining and data that inform social services intervention strategies, Level 4, with 7 credits

Work Experience Modules

  • Exposure to client counseling and referral processes, Level 5 with 10 Credits
  • Exposure to facilitation of non-therapeutic group processes, Level 5 with 14 credits
  • Exposure to community development processes, Level 5 with 12 Credits
  • Exposure to social work administration processes Level 4 with 10 Credits

    The fees structure

    Registration R1,000.00
    Deposit R1,000.00
    Monthly Inst R1,200.00 * 12 Months
    Total Course fee R15,200.00