School of Policing




Admission requirements

Grade 12 or equivalent

Career opportunities

Metropolitan Traffic Officer
South African Police Service
Forensic Expert
National Intelligence
Security & Surveillance
Private Investigator
Security Personnel


Awarded on successful completion of this program


Safety and Security (SASSETA)

SAQA ID: 61729

NQF: Level 6

Duration: 2 Year


First year of Policing

  • Module 1: Applied legislation
  • Module 2: Organizational Management
  • Module 3: Manage Performance
  • Module 4: Operations and Time Management
  • Module 5: Operational Ethics
  • Module 6: Communication and administration
Second year of Policing

  • Module 1: Applied legislation
  • Module 2: Advanced communications and personnel relations
  • Module 3: Manage crime prevention and investigation
  • Module 4: Manage service delivery
  • Module 5: Operational and tactical management
  • Module 6: Finance and human resource management
  • Module 7: Resolve of crime investigation and investigations

    The fees structure

    Registration R1,000.00
    Deposit R1,500.00
    Monthly Inst R1,200.00 * 24 Months
    Total Course fee R28,800.00

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