Our Mission

To ensure that our learners achieve their educational goals by encouraging flexible thinking to challenge existing thinking and making their stay at Mbowa an enjoyable experience by;

Providing our learners with an education which will equip them to meet the challenges of the future

Developing the human potential ,talent and personality each learner , encouraging discovery and critical thinking

Building a culture of sound moral values and discipline leading to learners making an effective contribution to their immediate communities.

Creating a safe and secure environment for all involved within a school which has an ethos of disciplined teaching and learning

Embracing all learners, their parents and the local community, encourage them to feel a sense of belonging and pride in each other and the school.

Motivating and encouraging our learners to be accountable for their actions so that they will become responsible, confident members of society.

Our objectives

  • To provide educational services with pride, respect, dignity and equal opportunities.
  • To empower our community with knowledge skills, Innovation and Values
  • To advance in providing services that is in line with standards required by the industry
  • To achieve growth through increased enrolment in both our High school and tertiary