School of Artisan / Skills Training



The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a qualified plumber and prepare the learner to write the trade test. The plumber installs, maintains, tests and repairs hot and cold water supply systems, drainage, sewerage and rainwater systems. The main benefits of this qualification for the learner are that the learner has an opportunity to be recognized as a qualified artisan with well-structured, relevant and current competencies and able to have access to entrepreneurial opportunities within the construction environment.

Admission requirements

Grade 10 or equivalent

Career opportunities

House Planning


Awarded on successful completion of this program

SAQA ID: 642601000

NQF: Level 4

Credits: 130

Duration: 6 Months


Subjects / Modules
  • Health, safety, quality and legislation NQF L3
  • Enviroment Energy efficiency and ethics NQF L4
  • Tools, Equipments, Components and Site practice NQF L3
  • Drawing and Applied Science NQF L4
  • Theory of water and drainage NQF L4
  • Above and below graound drainage NQF L4
  • Sanitary wear NQF L4
  • Hot and Cold water System
  • Installation and Maintainace theory for plumbing systems NQF L4

Practical training modules

This programme requires a practical skill module specifications:

  • Install, maintain and test above ground soil waste and vent systems and sanitary where appliances NQF L3
  • nstall, maintain and test below ground drainage systems NQF L4
  • Install, maintain and test hot water and cold water systems
  • Install, maintain and test rain water systems NQF L4

    The fees structure

    Registration R1000.00
    Deposit R1500.00
    Monthly Inst R1000.00 * 24 Months
    Total Course fee R31,300.00